AlexKProduction records, mixes and masters music by artists pursuing commercial success. We create quality products that expand fanbases on social media platforms to get our artists noticed by major record labels.


70 Gentian Avenue

Providence, R.I. 02908

401-714-5714 Alex

401-536-2955 Alec

"I write songs, so I have to go to the best for my work. AlexK is the Best!"

Al Lancellotti


New Kids on the Block

"Working in the studio with Alex was a dream!  He knew how to get the best performance from me as a vocalist."

Linda Calise

Jazz Vocalist

"Alex is a great studio engineer, musician and producer who helps me bring my songs to life with his creativity and expertise."

Ben Albert


Alex ROCKS, he is one hell of an engineer, so efficient and fast. We do all of our recording with him!


GQ and the Lady

 We can score your next motion picture, advertisement, jingle, or any other form of mixed media

Educational Services

During these difficult times             we offer


1. Studio Technology and        Production

2. Guitar for ALL Levels

    and Styles

3. Music Theory


    and Songwriting

Contact: 401-714-5714

        Call or Text


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